West Quad Conference


As one makes the eleven-hour drive from one far reach of Montana to the other, an innumerable series of textures unfolds under the neverending sky. For brief moments along the journey, small instances of human existence appear as quickly as they are gone. Even at the steady pace of 80 miles per hour, mountains and hills roll slowly as rivers meander through. No matter the pace, really, a person is easily humbled by the overwhelming vastness.

Bozeman, as the sixth fastest growing city in the United States, though, this is quickly changing. As proud as we are to live in “The Last Best Place”, we also must face the challenge of accommodating more people without compromising the fragility of the landscape.

Our planning team seeks to spark conversation around place and how it is reflected in design at both the human and community scale as well as informed by ecosystems and the environment. Bozeman’s Cannery District, Main Street, and parks will serve as the venues for the conference so attendees can be immersed in this place beyond what would occur traditionally in a hotel. Our focus will be on getting outside and proximate while hearing from experts on a variety of topics.

We are pleased to invite you to this conversation and hope that you can join us in the great state of Montana.

Photography by Cody Brown.

Stay at the LARK.

122 W Main Street

Bozeman, MT 59715


Call for reservations and request the AIAS Regional Conference rate. The deadline to reserve your room has been extended to Friday, February 22, 2019.